We created sessions as an opportunity to trial and demonstrate some of our ideas and capabilities in lighting design, experiential events and live broadcast multi-camera production.

Our first session focussed on Glasgow-based alt-electro band, TONGUES, ahead of their debut album.

We built an immersive live studio auditorium in an old Biscuit Factory, and designed unique lighting to be operated in real-time, correlating dynamically to each track.

Our concept was to match TONGUE’s distinct and contrasting sound with equally dramatic, mechanical lighting and glitchy graphic visualisations.

Lighting consisted largely of an array of eight Robe Pointe moving heads. Extremely bright, sharp and with distinct narrow beams, we programmed geometric patterns and reveals to contrast against the warm glow of the background 2k fresnels. Lighting was controlled by a GrandMA2 onPC suite with CAD visualisations.

Their effect was optimised by the use of cracked oil haze, creating a subtle, fine mist which didn’t affect cameras and allowed the compressor to be situated away from the recording.

We were sure to give each recorded track a corresponding “look”, with variations in beam width, pace, frosting and ambient light.

Audio was recorded in full, uncompressed multi-track via Yamaha QL5 Dante, for further mixing and mastering in post.

7x Sony FS7 4k cameras with Canon cine prime’s, were cut live using our Blackmagic 4k suite for the ability to provide live audience displays and live-streaming to web & Facebook. We incorporated a jib, 30m of dolly track and a roaming glide-cam for dynamic movements. All cinematographers were directed live and communicating via talkback.

We invited an exclusive audience of clients, friends and family to witness the live recording in the evening. Corridors were dramatically lit, drinks were provided and the temporary venue was filled with rich, deep sound from D&B audiotechnik.

Our second Session will be happening in November 2017 in a new, unused location. A much more colourful and electronic session will see us experimenting with LED walls, RGB lasers and live DaVinci Resolve grading. If you interested in attending, please contact us.