Campfire make informed, creative content for the world's most ambitious brands.

Our Guiding Principles

Human ❤️

Driven by story and emotion, we make content that makes people feel things. As a company, we care deeply about the every day experience of working with us, and for us.

Experimentation 🔬

We believe that often the best work comes from naivety and iteration. We maintain a dedication to self-initiated and experimental projects through “The Furnace.”

Collaboration 👫

We are greater than the sum of our individual parts and believe in working with the most talented and infectiously positive people in the world.

Evolution 🌍

We keep an objective perspective. As a company we are trying to become the next generation, staying open minded to different ways of doing things.

Meaning ✨

We make work with clear intention.

We always justify our strategic and creative decisions against what we are trying to achieve.

Our Process

In order to achieve what we set out to do, we follow a process of informed phases.

Our holistic approach and in-house production encourages us to be ambitious with our ideas and ensures that they are made exactly as intended.


Strategy & Concept

With a clear intention in mind, we make a plan. Strategy defines our containers, and Concept is what we fill them with. Informed by data and insight, we craft clever, beautiful, witty, relatable and aspirational ideas that make people feel something.

Content Production

Each piece of content is crafted with its destination in mind. Sometimes we make things in the Maldives, other times we’ll make things in the studio. Some move, some speak, some end up being printed, some involve fire. They’re all considered. And we make them all.


We don’t put all of our eggs in one basket. With variations of our work suited to different places and different people, we ensure all of our content is created with execution in mind. We always make sure that we achieve what we set out to do so that we all feel fulfilled and live happily ever after.

The Story So Far...

We started with a boy from Fife and an old Biscuit Factory.

In the early days we worked all over for international festivals and Australian travel companies. It may sound pretty rockstar, but it was honestly exhausting.

Essentially nocturnal, we found ourselves craving routine. We set up some walls - literally built the walls - with help from a bricklayer called Stevie, and transformed a cold, bare factory space into a slightly less bare factory space.

In 2016 things got busy.

The best tools & the best people

When brands came knocking, we assembled a team, realising that the best results came from working with those we admired, collaborating instead of competing.

Since then, it has been obvious to us that to make the best work we needed the best tools and the best people. Nearly five years on, that's exactly what we've got.


Now with homes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, Campfire is an agency that makes informed, creative content for the world's most ambitious brands.

Our Clients

We proudly call these people our friends, and have been lucky to work with them around the world on many diverse projects.