Our Story

Campfire is an independent creative studio and production company.

We fuse the emotive with the experimental to create meaningful experiences. 

Led by our rituals, we carefully curate what we do and how we do it. We have a refreshingly ambitious, closely collaborative culture with the in-house production resource to efficiently make our ideas a reality; whatever they may be. 

If you’re looking to tell the story of your brand, product or experience in a meaningful way – it’s likely we can help.

Culture & Core Team

A family of ambitious, creative specialists.

Hired on personality, involved through admiration, driven by curiosity, our team is a special blend of people who have achieved distinctly different, great things. With unparalleled taste, every individual has first proven themselves as close collaborators before becoming a part of our core.

Leading with honesty, quality and efficiency, we balance our commercial work with self-initiated projects, experimental events and spontaneous adventures.

Lewis Phillips

Founder & Creative Director

Kristina-Marie Ross

Production Manager

Troy Edige

Cinematographer & Editor

Emil Blum

Designer & Art Director

Perry Jonsson

Cinematographer & Editor

David Wilkinson

Photographer & Drone

Kirsty Mclachlan


Our Philosophy & Rituals

The beliefs and processes that help us find our way.

In order to conjure a synchronised state of mind, and to define our culture, Campfire follow a set of beliefs that define and direct us. We believe that anyone involved with Campfire should respect and understand our beliefs and process as their own.