India is a world away from Scotland.

Kirsty, Troy and Lewis travelled to India with Hydro Nations to research and document the global water crisis. Our journey gave us the opportunity to spend time with some of the worlds most pioneering water technologists, entrepreneurs and change-makers, whilst experiencing the diverse culture and geography of the Indian subcontinent.

Countless special moments took us across thousands of miles, from the progressive city of Bangalore, to ancient and atmospheric Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganges river.

Water makes up everything we need to survive. It nourishes us, and our loved ones. The environment we live in, the environments we dream of visiting, and the environment we leave for our children.

Our current lifestyles put a great deal more pressure on nature than it is capable of providing. In Europe and North America, the natural resources we extract, use and return as waste, is three times more than our planet can sustainably process for us. And water underpins the whole cycle.

This is why change makers from across the world are collaborating together to look at the same problem from completely different viewpoints. Hydro Nations brings the best of Scotland and India’s water entrepreneurs together to explore real solutions for the huge water challenges that the world is currently facing.

Water has done nothing but give, and after all of our taking, it’s time to give back.