Campfire have worked closely with Visit Scotland and Whitespace on a number of production projects.

Initially shooting footage for a rotoscoped destination film for the region of Fife featuring the regions hidden gems, we then produced a series of destination films for Scotland’s seven cities.

We spent summer across the country capturing festivals, bars, landmarks and hidden gems — Always featuring a diverse selection of real, street-cast personalities. The films featured a dynamic mixture of lifestyle travel content, aerial footage and motion hyperlapse of landmarks and key areas.

Our adventures with Visit Scotland also took us to sea, where we filmed a variety of water-sports and coastal sailing. From yacht cruising on the Isle of Skye, canoeing on Loch Ore and racing in Oban – We captured wind, rain, and dolphins from land, sea and air.

Our next project for Visit Scotland was to capture aerial 360° virtual reality footage of Scotland’s landmarks, for ScotlandVR – an innovative and award-wining app created by Whitespace. This was captured from on board a heavy-lift drone using our 6-camera 4k Virtual Reality rig, which features optical stabilisation and active real-time stitching. This limited the time required in post-production, where we edited rushes and colour graded footage ready to be loaded into the app.

The 360° VR footage has been embedded online, and can be accessed natively through the app as optimised, interactive footage, which takes you high above the Forth Rail Bridge, Eilean Donan Castle, and the Cairngorms.