Campfire® joins MadeBrave® in newly created group: BornOriginal.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we will be joining MadeBrave® in newly created group: BornOriginal.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve had the privilege to work around the world on an unbelievable variety of projects with talented friends and inspiring brands. We’re extremely proud of our team and all of the collaborators that we have met and worked with over the past few years.

This combination of forces marks a milestone in our journey, and brings with it many new opportunities for our team, and our clients. We hope that this will further push the quality of work and creative collaboration in the Scottish industry, whilst increasing our dedication to international work and internal experimentation.

This move will see the creation of a new holding company, BornOriginal Group, under which MadeBrave and Campfire will continue to operate independently, with our founding director Lewis Phillips becoming a director and shareholder in the group, continuing to run Campfire as a director.

Lewis said: “It’s an exciting new chapter for Campfire. Andrew and I have been friends for many years and we both strongly believe in the power of creative collaboration. Our companies share closely aligned values and culture, and the strength we now have within the group’s complimentary offerings will allow us to grow further, with some exiting opportunities and more international work on the horizon.”

Andrew Dobbie, Founding Director of MadeBrave and now CEO of the group, said: “MadeBrave and Campfire have got together on many occasions to produce industry-leading work. It’s the perfect time to join forces as video consumption increases exponentially and content marketing is constantly evolving in response to consumer trends and advancing technologies. The overall vision for the group is to enable clients to have access to specialist niche services from both Campfire and MadeBrave but also gain from the strength and power of the group.”

Campfire has worked with brands including Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Google, Hard Rock Hotels, Irn-Bru, Pernord, Ricard, Visit Scotland, RBS and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


Update! We’ve now officially joined our friends at MadeBrave. In 2018 we were incredibly proud to team up with MadeBrave as two independent agencies, forming BornOriginal Group. Two years later we’re taking things a step further and joining forces with our friends under the MadeBrave brand.

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