How CG is shaping the future of brand & product content

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For decades now, computer graphics (CG) have been a way to bring impossible ideas to life. This discipline allows us to visualise the characteristics of a product or brand, and to tell a story, without the constraints of the real world. 

Inherently versatile, CG content brings a wide range of possibilities providing vast creative freedom and flexibility. From stylised 2D animations, to product-centric models in diverse conceptual environments, narratives can be told using up-scaled archive or stock footage, and entire characters, behaviours and worlds can be created for direction. 

Technology has been the main driving force behind content innovation. Improvements in software usability have opened up new possibilities for CG, making it increasingly accessible for multidisciplinary teams. New tools to assist with things like motion capture for character animation, along with advanced materials and simulation plugins, have all increased the quality of CG content, whilst simultaneously reducing complexity and expense. Meanwhile, advancements in the use of game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine are opening up whole new possibilities of real-time iteration and interaction. 

CG can be particularly efficient for reusing work in different places, for different people, at different times. Once designed, the same model can be used in a limitless number of contexts and environments, at any resolution or format.

The accessibility and flexibility of CG encourages our team of Art Directors, Editors and Motion Designers to work collaboratively and iteratively – employing their individual skill sets to together bring an idea to life. Our expertise in film production (cinematography, lenses, composition, motion) and concept (design, narrative, music) in the real world, is perfectly applicable to the virtual world, too.

CG is a powerful expertise at any time, but particularly in our current climate where the practicalities and cost of live action shooting are unfeasible. 

Whether CG or live-action, photographic or illustrative; with everything we do, we make content with the story at heart and destination in mind. 


If you think CG content might be useful for your brand and product advertising, we’re always happy to advise. Just reach out to us on our form or on

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