Official Music Video

ISLAND are a four piece band based in London signed to Beatnik Creative and French Kiss Records. Their music video for "Try" premiered on Wonerland Magazine, quickly attracting 100k views and airplay on BBC Radio One.

Our biggest creative challenge was not crossing the line of admiration into imitation. We carefully considered our camera positioning and the overall tone of this film so as not to clash with Aertryck and Danielson’s original, whilst working with the constraints of shooting over a pool. Fortunately, working with ISLAND meant we had a clear aesthetic to bounce off of. ISLAND have a strong understanding of who they are visually, and it’s a compliment to the kind of music they create. With this in mind, we muted the grade and filmed at high-frame rate to capture the mood of the song. It was extremely important to get the sequence correct and we made sure to filter through edits until we were all 100% confident with the story line, grade, pace and that each improvised moment was done the justice it deserved.

Music is one of the main things which drives Campfire as a team, it was a pleasure working alongside a brilliant band and label. Oh, and the music video turned out awesome.

Campfire® joins MadeBrave® in newly created group: BornOriginal.

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