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Campfire is inviting businesses, organisations and charities to share what challenges brought on by the pandemic they are currently facing and the impact this is having on their ability to add value to the world. Campfire wishes to support one organisation by making its own team and resources available to help develop and implement a solution to their challenge.

Since Campfire began, we have maintained a dedication to experimentation and self-initiated projects. We call it The Furnace. 

Our adventures have led us to hosting immersive live performances, cliff diving in Italy, simulating the experience of being bullied in VR, and publishing a children’s book – each time working with new collaborators and different mediums. 

The Furnace is exploratory by nature – we develop new ideas and craft with a mission in mind. As a curious and creatively minded team, this energises us, and drives our innovation forward. We believe The Furnace forms an integral and reciprocal part of our business model – both demonstrating our abilities and integrating this experimental spirit into everything that we do. 

With the challenges and complexities that the world is currently facing, we have chosen to invite others, any organisation, business or charity, to submit their challenges to The Furnace. 

We have always believed that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Creativity and communication (the main ingredients of content) have the power to contribute great value to difficult situations, and we want to utilise our team and resources in the most valuable way. 

We are looking to hear from you about what specific challenges you’re facing at the moment, and what constraints brought on by the pandemic are interrupting your ability to add value to the world. 

Campfire will be committing our team and our owned resources, including an in-house team of Art Directors, Producers, Content Creators, Designers, 3D Animators, Interactive and Experiential Specialists – up to a billable value of £50,000. We will develop and implement a solution to the challenge that we believe we can offer the most value to. 

Learn more about The Furnace and apply here

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