The New Office

As our team has been growing, we have enjoyed designing our new, expanded space in Edinburgh. Built to be an inspiring working environment, both functional and reflective of our brand. As a homage to our name, we have used a combination of wood; cladding our walls in reclaimed gym-flooring, making for a warm and inviting space to make ideas. Finished with our neon sign that wittingly shines “This Sign is Illuminating” above our meeting table – which is of course cast from solid concrete.

Our workspace is naturally built around 5x large desk units, designed and built by our friends at Method Studio. Large pieces of Pine were treated with white linseed oil and placed atop a versatile, simple frame with in-built storage and cable management.

As we complete our initial phase of expansion and refurbishment, we begin our next. Soon, we’ll have a “living room” space with sofas, presentation area and a small but well-stocked bar. We are also planning to house our new BlackMagic edit suite and colour suite in a, with isolated sound and light so we can stay in the zone (and calibrated) when we create our work.


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