There’s more than one way to tell a story

Campfire has always been about making work that is emotive, beautiful and clever. 

Our value is in being able to clarify the complicated, creating and communicating with content that is both entertaining and effective. 

With the challenges and complexities that the world is currently facing, this is more valuable than ever. 

And whilst we won’t be able to shoot location-based live-action footage for a little while, live action has only ever been one of the tools we use for storytelling. 

Our recent projects for Seedlip and Tennent’s Light were created entirely with Computer Graphics (CG), we created photorealistic and cinematic content, before the products featured even existed.

This discipline brings great practical and creative versatility, and can also be very budget and time efficient. 

With CG, we can visualise and emphasise the characteristics of a product or brand, without the constraints of the real world. This lets us explore ideas a lot faster with intuition and a stronger creative vision.

Many of our favourite projects have made use of different techniques, like the brand content for Deanston whisky, which incorporated archive photography and motion design, to tell a story true to the brand and its history.
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We are a versatile and multidisciplinary team, staying true to what we know best. Emotive, beautiful and clever content.

We’d be happy to share our experience and advice on creating content with CG.
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On Location: Bunnahabhain Whisky, Islay

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