The project took us to the Inner Hebrides where we captured beautiful Islay from land, sea and air.

  • The Ask

    Build brand awareness, gain traction and ultimately drive sales for Bunnahabhain’s core range whiskies.

  • The Observation

    Sensory based storytelling would allow us to increase awareness of the brand’s positioning ‘Discover the Sound’ and build loyalty with a consumer with an affinity for knowledge and heritage.

    bunnahabhain brand film
  • The Output

    We created content that truly represented the brand positioning, with a strong strategy, plan and content library. The approach and content narrative introduces existing and new audiences to the story and sensory experience of Bunnahabhain whisky and distillery, and the heritage of the brand.

A Journey of Discovery

Brand film

The Bunnahabhain distillery and location holds an entrancing sense of tranquility and escapism.
This film explores the story of the Journey of Discovery, positioning the ‘Discover the Sound’ content theme and capturing the experience of the location.

  • Tasting Notes

    We created 5 short product focussed films, one for each of the core range, made up of extended scenes of the brand film journey. Here we tapped into the product’s tasting notes, set within a dedicated scene and sound, that represented the story, craft or palette of the whisky.

Sound of Islay

Brand film

“The Sound of Islay”, uses sampled sounds from the natural environment and throughout the distillation process to produce a deeply layered amalgamation of sights and sounds authentic to the Island of Islay and the neighbouring body of water known as “The Sound”.

Behind the Scenes

Bunnahabhain campfire

Refreshingly Light

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