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A trailblazing frolicker, Naked Grouse has left its mark the world over by building a global brand advocacy network, stripping off all non-essentials in pursuit of a truly liberating experience.

The 2018 Barswap

Touring the world's best bars

Naked Grouse asked six of the best bars in the world to join them on a journey across the globe. Swapping bartenders between some of the best cocktail bars there is, and encouraging bartenders to share knowledge, make new connections, and to show a different side to scotch whisky.

  • Taipei

    The 2018 Barswap kicked off in Taipei, with vibrant city markets and a bewildering blend of the traditional and the modern.

  • Lisbon

    We provided a cinematography/photography duo for every location. Shooting on small hand-held cameras enabled us to stay light on our feet and unobtrusively capture all of the stand-out moments, from big scenes to candid street shots, in a cohesive, lo-fi style.

  • Copenhagen

    Barswap was a whirlwind of local culture, giving the bartenders new inspiration, flavours and perspectives. To allow Naked Grouse's global audience to follow along on the journey, we delivered same-day social edits of both videos and stills, formatted for immediate publishing to Naked's Instagram stories.

  • Edinburgh

    Each destination didn't just offer sightseeing and food comas! Bartenders also got to attend some stellar masterclasses, such as Japanese ice carving at the Edinburgh Ice Company. We delivered over 60 individual pieces of film content for the 2018 Barswap, including a 2 minute hero film for each destination, all formatted for a variety of social channels.

  • Tel Aviv

    In sunny TLV the bartenders were greeted with a less-than-gentle beach workout, before tackling the cobbled streets of old town Jaffa on a Segway tour.

  • London

    The whole project finished up in breezy London, featuring a life-drawing class in the London Eye, a speedboat ride on the river themes, and to top it all off, a guest shift behind the bar at the prestigious Dandelyan.

The Sherry Cask

Using 3D modelling and animation, we visualised the whisky maturation, the interaction between a unique blend of the worlds finest malts and the ‘naked’ first-fill sherry casks that they’re matured within. ⁣

Naked Serve

Laid-back cocktail tutorials

Naked Grouse wanted to inspire their consumer to create their well-known whisky sour cocktail at home, and prove that you don't need to be a cocktail-making connoisseur to enjoy a good drink.

Naked Escape

The Naked Escape is an annual customer-facing competition, for one lucky global winner and three friends to experience a fully-paid, personalised getaway in the Scottish wilderness.

A key content theme across the Naked Grouse channels. We developed our content plans to weave campaign messages and creative throughout each month, with the aim to engage the Naked Grouse audience and drive entries from those who already know and love the brand.

  • Locations

    From Tel Aviv to London, Taipei to Lisbon, we've followed Naked Grouse across the globe, documenting every step of the way.

  • Serves

    Along the way we have captured (and sampled) a number of bespoke Naked cocktails, crafted by some of the very best in the business. Drinky-boozy-goodness!

  • Events

    Naked Grouse's mission is to champion the whisky cocktail. Hosting masterclasses and events, they're allowing bartenders and industry professional to share their knowledge, make new connections, and ultimately reinvent what people think possible with whisky serves.

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